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6 Stupid Gun Myths Everyone Believes (Thanks to Movies)

"Hollywood wants you dead. We said it. We don't know why. We don't know what they could possibly gain from it, but it's true all the same. Hollywood has been teaching you lessons about guns for decades and decades. Hollywood wants you to build your entire understanding of guns based on the gun tropes they parade in all of their movies. Hollywood wants these gun rules ingrained so deeply in you that you apply these lessons in real life. Even though doing so will kill you.

That's right. All of the lessons Hollywood has taught you about guns are wrong.

Dead wrong.", www.cracked.com

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[BE] DAAA-AVWL: Appel de Fonds

From Daniel Beets, President of the DAAA-AVWL:


Chers Amis, Amateurs d’Armes,

La DAAA a décidé de créer un fonds pour financer les démarches juridiques contre certains services publiques, qui ignorent la loi sur les armes et qui appliquent cette loi sur les armes arbitrairement suivant leurs propres opinions.

Afin de pouvoir exécuter et assurer le suivi de ces démarches il faut de l’argent. Une estimation provisoire pour le financement des affaires qui doivent déjà être prises en main fait déjà apparaître un montant de 15.000€.

L’aide financière peut être versée sur le compte suivant :

BNP Par Fortis : IBAN : BE79 0014 0635 7833

[NL] Dynamic shooting is about to be prohibited. Your action is requested!

Urgent - Your Action is Needed Now! 30 March, 2012

Dear fellow IPSC shooters and friends,

As many of you have heard already, IPSC shooting (in fact all Dynamic shooting disciplines) are about to be prohibited in the Netherlands!

This new law will be voted on in a matter of weeks, and if it passes – will mean the end of our sport in Holland, and who knows – this decision may well spread quickly across the EU.

As you can imagine, the NPSA (the Dutch IPSC organization) is mobilizing every possible resource to fight this unjust proposed law, but it is a desperate battle. The odds are stacked against us.

We need your help!

The Failed Experiment: Gun Control and Public Safety in Canada, Australia, England and Wales

An interesting study by Gary Mauser published by the Fraser Institute.

This study is quite interesting because it goes beyong the usual scope of "gun related violence": "In this study, the author examines crime trends in Commonwealth countries that have recently introduced firearm regulations: i.e., Great Britain, Australia, and Canada. The widely ignored key to evaluating firearm regulations is to examine trends in total violent crime, not just firearms crime. Since firearms are only a small fraction of criminal violence, the public would not be safer if the new law could reduce firearm violence but had no effect on total criminal violence."

[French] Pour les lecteurs francophones, un commentaire intéressant sur cette étude est disponible sur Quebecois Libre


[BE] A jeweller shoots on a "concealed" robber

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